Bioelectromagnetism research team


The Bio-Electromagnetism research team is primarily involved in the design of instrumentation and methods for medical therapy and diagnostics based on the interaction of electromagnetic fields with biological systems.

The main therapeutic application that this team is dedicated to is the so-called microwave hyperthermia, which is successfully used to treat cancer. Most often, this method is combined with radiotherapy, where the overall effectiveness of the treatment is increased even with radical dose reduction of radiotherapy. Reducing the dose of radiotherapy further leads to a reduction in adverse side effects of the treatment. The team also focuses on magnetic and electrical neuro-stimulation and radiofrequency ablation. The main diagnostic applications include non-invasive temperature monitoring during thermotherapy, non-invasive blood glucose monitoring and detection and classification of strokes.

Last but not least, the team of Bio-electromagnetism is engaged in the design of anatomically and dielectrically realistic phantoms of biological tissues and body parts and in measurements of their dielectric properties.

Czech Technical University - Faculty of Biomedical Engineering in Prague, Department of Biomedical Technology.

Nam. Sitna 3105, 272 01 Kladno, Czech Republic.Maps

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